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About& Me

Woodworking has been in my family for generations.  The love for wood and what it can become runs deep into my blood.  I want to provide for others the love and enjoyment of each piece created and made with care.  Every piece of wood is cut by hand with you in mind.  In my Cross Collection each cross is designed by me.  Each one is different and imperfect. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors just like us.

I was a Pre-K teacher who loved teaching, but got married and moved to a different town.  While taking some time off from teaching my father who is a carpenter bought me a scroll saw for Christmas.  One day I decided to make a cross. I have never done anything in my life perfect.  I have always made mistakes.  Well I made a cross and my husband who is a perfectionist pointed out all the mistakes.  It wasn't straight.  It wasn't perfect.  But I thought it looked pretty good.  Every time I would cut one out it always looked  crooked, not even, fatter on one side, or just didn't look perfect.  I started thinking about God's grace that he has shown me throughout my lifetime, and how He is perfect but we are not and will never be.  This is why I make the "Imperfect Cross"


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